Links and Calculators

Links & Calculators

We’ve assembled a list of helpful links and calculators to help you plan ahead, save more money and keep more of the money you earn.

Here Are Some Helpful Industry Links Where’s My Refund?
The Wall Street Journal
 USA Today – Top Money News
Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Interest rates on treasury bills and more
Internal Revenue Service
Minnesota Department of Revenue
American Institute of CPAs
Minnesota Society of CPAs

Here Are Some Convenient Calculators

Do you know how much you need to set aside to fund a college education for your child? How much must you save each month for your retirement? What will your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) be worth when you get ready to start drawing on it? You can get rough answers to these and other questions very quickly by using the following calculators and making a few estimates on your part. If we can be of help or answer questions for you, please call us.