Understanding Your Needs

At Lethert, Skwira, Schultz & Co. We’re Committed to Understanding Your Needs.

Understanding Your Needs

It is important to obtain a long-term relationship with a CPA firm that can provide quality services at a competitive price. There is tremendous added value in having a firm that understands you and your financial history. This is why many of our clients have trusted in our services for their businesses for multiple generations.

Quality Services

We believe in offering our clients a quality experience. Our commitment to quality includes, but is not limited to, properly skilled professional staff, the development of continuing relationships necessary to understand your long-term goals, and the delivery of timely reports.


Our goal is to establish strong communication which is critical to any professional relationship. You’ll work with a team of accounting professionals who will communicate with you openly and with the best interests of your business in mind. You can expect timely, efficient response to any other services which might be necessary during the year. Telephone calls and other inquiries will be responded to immediately. You can be assured that we will notify you of current developments that you should be aware of to profitably manage your company.

It is only when your professional understands your goals and needs that you can expect to receive proper advice tailored to meet your unique situation.

Working with your best interests in mind

We’re committed to tax planning with the intention of creating long-term wealth. Most individuals who own their own companies would like to minimize their income tax expenses and develop strategies that enable them to accumulate wealth for retirement and grow their business to sell or pass on to the next generation.

Develop accounting systems and controls that allow them to manage their companies proactively and efficiently.

Most business owners in the professional service area are busy generating billable service hours and need to have accounting systems in place that will allow them to manage their business with a minimum amount of time without sacrificing controls, accuracy, or relevancy.

Our Ability to Serve You

Our experience with so many businesses like yours is a clear demonstration of our quality of service to you. We’ll work with you to assemble a team of experienced accounting professionals with experience working with companies similar to yours. Your team will take the time to understand your needs and put their experience and expertise to work for you.

Timely Service

We commit to timely service. We will schedule staff and available resources to ensure that your tax returns are filed not only on time, but also well in advance of filing deadlines, so that you have the proper amount of time before mailing them to the taxing authorities.

Valuable Service & Relationships

Our fees have always been competitive. We value our clients, and our clients have come to appreciate the value of our services and their relationship with us. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you, and we are prepared to discuss the fees quoted to ensure that our relationship continues in the future.

It is our hope that you realize how much we wish to serve you. We spend significant resources for the education necessary to provide you quality service. In the end, however, it is the information and advice we provide which are most important. Please read the testimonials from some of our clients.